A Letter to Mother Earth

It has been an honor for me to walk on your sand at the beach, just so I can glimpse the infinite ocean, and watch the glorious sun set and rise each day. It has been an honor to walk your mountains, hills, and travel by water, air, car, and walking.
Thank you for allowing me the freedom to build my house on you, raise my family on you, and play with others on you. Thank you for allowing me the freedom to run naked and roll on the grass with a lover and whisper sweet every things in their ear. Thank you for allowing me the freedom to pitch my tent alone in your wilderness and be among the animals and deep silence.  Thank you for allowing the children to play and laugh on you.  Thank you for the sky with its clouds, sun, birds, and all its beautiful colors.  Thank you for showing me that life has seasons, change, and that its natural.  Thank you for the depths of the ocean and how it reminds me of the depth of this soul.  Which I long to connect with everyday.

I am K'jachamallku Paucar with a lot of humility, knowing that I have weaknesses, knowing that I have many things like all of you but, at the same time, we can also learn together, we can learn from each other. I want to share something with all of you, that the problem of the world is not our problem, that the external problems does not compete with us, changing the world is not our duty. If we want to change the world, it’s better to change ourselves, to begin with ourselves.