Most music we listen to these days is tuned to A 440 Hz. Music generated at this frequency is inharmonious with both the planet and the human body. This causes us to feel insecurity, fear, anxiety and internal disorder. Moreover, A 440 Hz Sounds keep us trapped in a limiting level of consciousness.

Alternatively, if we listen to and sing music tuned to A 432 Hz, a frequency harmonious with the vibration of the universe, we enhance our being, transmute, and heal the soul, mind, and body. You will notice this, the moment you start feeling calm, and your body relaxes. Within the Andean cosmovision, healing with sound and music has always played an integral role in the life of our ancestral and present communities. In our heritage, music is used for ceremonial purposes, creativity, recreation, expression, and healing. All our Andean instruments are tuned to A 432 Hz. The tools used to make indigenous ancestral music include: Andean flutes, panpipes, Native American flutes, drums, and other percussion instruments. Visualization techniques that projected the colors of the 13 energetic centers of human beings, as well as many sacred Andean geometries, such as the Chakana or Andean cross, were employed during recording. Perhaps, the most important element of this music is the voice that enables us to thank and supplicate. Music can heal us when we become in tune with our mother earth and the universe.

I am K'jachamallku Paucar with a lot of humility, knowing that I have weaknesses, knowing that I have many things like all of you but, at the same time, we can also learn together, we can learn from each other. I want to share something with all of you, that the problem of the world is not our problem, that the external problems does not compete with us, changing the world is not our duty. If we want to change the world, it’s better to change ourselves, to begin with ourselves.