Who is K’jachamallku Paucar

I am going to give you a brief summary of my background according to the origin of my family. My last

name Paucar, we are descendents of Wiracocha (which means God). We are lineage of the first son

Paucar, from there the name is in honor of  Wiracocha that means the origin, the first, the one that

appears first, or the beginning of the man. That’s why in Machu Picchu, Cusco, Peru, there exist a big

temple called Paucar Marka, exactly in the place of Sacsayhuaman where there are three temples where

man learned the basic beginnings like for example the following:

1. The Munay – which means love

2. Yankay – which means the service, and the activity that is the action

3. The yachay – which means the experience, the knowledge.

So, that is why my last name is very important.

I am K'jachamallku Paucar with a lot of humility, knowing that I have weaknesses, knowing that I have many things like all of you but, at the same time, we can also learn together, we can learn from each other. I want to share something with all of you, that the problem of the world is not our problem, that the external problems does not compete with us, changing the world is not our duty. If we want to change the world, it’s better to change ourselves, to begin with ourselves.

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