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We want to thank our Mother Earth and Father Sun for everything. Our families, friends, fans and specially the people who support us. For the past six years of live shows and performances, we have been using music to deliver a message. We rely on the healing power of music to get people's attention. We hope the messages we share provoke thought. We use stories, historical facts, humor and personal experiences to deliver a high dose of consciousness. Our goal is not to agitate or offend anyone. On the contrary, we need to educate each other so we can come to an understanding about who we are as human beings. We want to do our part in the transition we are going through in present time so we can finally all be good children and listen to our Mother Earth.Raices History





VISIT PUTUSHIO. Sacred Place of the INCAS
The Sacred Place transmits the Andean culture in a creative and interactive in its real context and spontaneous. Contact Us. Our workshops, courses, study tours and cultural holidays will introduce in the Andes, as well as the wisdom and experience experiential of its inhabitants. Our Services. and sure you can call our Amauta  Jachamallku "Patricio Pawkar" .or Raul Armijos

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Queremos agradecer a nuestra Madre Tierra y Padre Sol sobre todo. Nuestras familias, amigos, fans y especialmente la gente que nos apoya. Durante los últimos cuatro años de shows en vivo y espectáculos, hemos estado utilizando la música para transmitir un mensaje. Nos basamos en el poder curativo de la música para llamar la atención de las personas. Esperamos compartir los mensajes que provocan el pensamiento. Nuestro método de historias, hechos históricos, el humor y las experiencias personales para ofrecer una alta dosis de conciencia. Nuestra meta no es para agitar ni ofender a nadie. Por el contrario, tenemos que educar a los demás para que podamos llegar a un entendimiento sobre quiénes somos como seres humanos. Queremos hacer nuestra parte en la transición que estamos atravesando en la actualidad por lo que finalmente puede ser bueno para todos los niños y escuchar a nuestra Madre Tierra.



Our Media Kit

The following items are available for legitimate press purposes only. These downloads, as well as the content in this website are copywritten material. They are made available to help assist in any promotional event you may be involved with regarding RAICES group.

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Our History

As a musical trayectory, Raices group has performed in numerous
concerts around the New York Regions.  Raices Group has performed in
medium and large concerts halls such as Avery Fisher Hall, Symphony Space Townhall and Carnegie Hall.  In addition,  Raices Group has alsoperformed in events such as:

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Our Fans

The In order to strengthen the bond with our fan club we are reaching out to those people who have taken pictures or video of Raices live. Those who are interested in sharing them can have them posted on our web site.

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Music Under New York

Since 1985 MTA Arts for Transit has managed the MUNY program presenting quality music to the commuting public. At present, over 7,000 performances annually by the 350 performers at 25 locations throughout the transit system.

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OUR Handcrafts
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